Jivana Jyoti

The Jivana Jyoti Institute was started by ICSA in 1987 to equip the physically-challenged persons with government approved training in computer and electronics. Jivana Jyoti meaning “Light of Life” was to empower differently abled persons and to develop a sense of dignity and self esteem among them. It is is housed in the ICSA Centre on a disabled-friendly building with ramps and elevators. It offered a one-year Diploma Course in Computer Programming and Application. The Jivana Jyoti Institute of Applied Electronics and Information Systems (sometimes it is referred to as the Jivana Jyoti Programme of Training and Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities) was later recognized by the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT), Ministry of Labour, Government of India. Two Courses such as Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA) of one year duration and Information, Communication Technology System Maintenance, of two-year duration were recognized by NCVT.

Jivana Jyoti campaigns for social acceptance, governmental protection and equal treatment in the employment market for the physically-challenged; encouraging employers to recruit differently-abled people and creating awareness to construct disabled-friendly building. We are the recipients of the 'Best Institution Award' from the Government of Tamil Nadu in 2001.

When Polio was nearly eradicated, and the population of disabled became negligible, the facility was thrown open for normal youth who suffer from socio-economic disability. Sri Lankan refugees were also regularly offered free training.

Courses Offered Jivana Jyoti

Courses Offered






Information Communication Technology System Maintenance ( ICTSM ) (NCVT Recognised)

10th Pass

2 Year


Computer Operator Programming Assistant ( COPA ) (NCVT Recognised)

10th Pass

1 Year


Computer Application ( Institute Course )

10th Pass

1 Year


Electrical Technician ( Institute Course )

8th Pass / 10th Fail

6 Months


Computer Accountancy with Tally ( JAN SHIKSHAN SANSTHAN Course )

10th Pass

6 Months


Plumbing & Sanitary Works ( JAN SHIKSHAN SANSTHAN Course )

8th Pass / 10th Fail

6 Months

Admissions 2019-2020

Application for admission should be made in the prescribed form which can be obtained from ICSA Egmore Campus. Contact Us

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