Jivana Jyoti

The Jivana Jyoti Institute was started by ICSA to equip the physically-challenged persons with government approved training in computer and electronics. We are the recipients of the 'Best Institution Award' from the Government of Tamilnadu in 2001.

Jivana Jyoti campaigns for social acceptance, governmental protection and equal treatment in the employment market for the physically-challenged; encouraging employers to recruit differently-abled people and creating awareness to construct disabled-friendly buildings

Jivana Jyoti, Egmore :

This was started by ICSA in 1987 and is housed in the ICSA Centre on a disabled-friendly building with ramps and elevators. Courses offered are recognized by the NCVT, government of India.

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In 1989, ICSA responded to the challenge of making available high quality drugs at cost price to poor patients. ICSA promoted the CMSI to carry on this work on a ‘not for profit’ basis.