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01. Iraiyanpin Alaikkal Nooru Siru Thulikel-Dr.IsraelSelvanayagam

02. Yesu Pirappin Puthumai Irupathu Aruluraigal-Dr.IsraelSelvanayagam

03. Breaking Barriers And Building Bridges.-Dr.JoshuaKalapati

- Breaking Barriers And Building Bridges: An Appraisal of the Missionary Legacy in India Editor
04. Yesuvin Iruthi Varam.-Dr.IsraelSelvanayagam

05. Rights Based Politics - Role of the Indian Constitution.-Moses P.Manohar

- There is a vast difference between the State which is promised by the Constitution and the State which is given by the political system. When the knowledge of the Constitution is imparted, it leads to empowerment. An empowered community can demand a State which is capable of delivering justice.
06. A New Political Paradigm for India - A Christian Response-Moses P.Manohar

- If there is no political education, politics will look like an opportunity to grab wealth and fame. The fundamental difference between democracy and other forms of government is accountability. Christianity is a challenge to unjust politics.
07. Brokenness as a way of blessing-Usha Jesudasan
- Sundar could not stand or walk by himself, so he lived most of his life at this time on the floor where he was most comfortable. Sundar Egbert kept the faith. The faith in Jesus that told him that despite his disabilities, he was a child of God. A very special child of God.
PP. 85
08. Democracy in Tamil Literature - Part I-Glory Christopher

- The King doesn't think of safe-guarding his life but to destroy his enemies as his duty. To those who come to him begging, he gives them liberally not holding back, thinking, his treasure is getting empty. He also protects the elders and gives grace to the children. King's characteristics are these.
09. Democracy in Tamil Literature - Part II-Glory Christopher

- Through drama, many social issues were addressed. One such is Women's education. It is a fact that educated women are the eyes for the nation as well as they are the backbone for the empowerment of the family.
10. The History of the work of the HERMANNSBURG MISSION & EVANGELICAL LUTHERANMISSION for the South Andhra Lutheran Church (SALC)-Hugald Grafe

- The missionaries continued to condemn idolatry and the caste spirit. They maintained an emphasis on the seriousness of the commandments of God and the reality of the forthcoming judgement.
PP 80
Price Rs.60/-
11. Mount of Olives

- The most important aspect of the practice of Lent is that the Church adopted it on the model of Christ Jesus who, at the beginning of His public ministry, moved out to the desert led by the spirit and fasted and prayed for forty days.
Price Rs.120/-
12. Bonding With Mission-Rev.Dr.R.Daniel Premkumar

- In Church records, they may be listed as Christians but they are known to others in the village by their caste and tribal identity. Social life in the village is founded and revolve on caste and caste equations. Church in her wishful thinking has glossed over this foundational issue.
Price Rs.90/-
13. Christian Spirituality-Mathai Zachariah

- The Core of the Christian Gospel is simple, but the task of presenting it in the particular complexities of the life in which we find ourselves today, demands the best of our intellectual and spiritual efforts.
Price Rs.100/-
14. Religious Pluralism and Peace Culture-Edited by:Dr.S.Narayana Swamy

- A religion, which enjoys the majority in a country could behave quite often, as arrogant, intolerrant and show a triumphant attitude, whereas the same religion in another country where it is a tiny minority, could sh ow exactly the opposite behaviour.
Price Rs.100/-
15. Whither ecumenism in India?-Usha Jesudasn

- Where are the women, dalits and tribals in our ecumenical organisations, institutions and movement? Today's way of life demands that it is now the time to give Dalits, Adivasis and women, the opportunity to lead and to show us better stewardship and leadership.
Price Rs.20/-

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