3 . Summer Academy of Leadership & Governance
Wednesday, Apr 05, 2017


Dr. A. K. Tharien Chair for Reconciliation.

Summer Academy of Leadership & Governance

 At Paripurna Centre, ICSA, Manapakkam,Chennai

May 2-6, 2017

Every Citizen has a role in Nation Building and is expected to   actively participate in the affairs of the country.  Development in a nation is proportional to the quality of the awareness of its citizens. There is less corruption in a country where people are aware of their rights.    In order to be a learned citizen of India, basic knowledge of the Constitution   is important. Because, constitution lays down the framework defining fundamental political principles, establishes the structure, procedures, powers and duties of government institutions and sets out fundamental rights to the citizens and directive principles to the government. It is one of the best written constitutions of any sovereign country in the world. The idea of constitutionalism suggests ways and means to work out a governmental form, which exercises power and ensures, at the same time, individual freedom and liberty. Moreover, these government institutions are essential for the smooth functioning of the society. Teaching about constitution does not merely mean  giving information and  knowledge  alone  but could sensitize a person, awaken his/her conscience and develop an attitude of  behaving decently  in a social   set up.

Knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen is important. It is helpful in following the law and to lead a responsible nation building. Every person has a role  to play   and not left with a few politicians   alone to decide the fate of the nation.

Getting government services without paying bribes happens only in a healthy society.  Every person should be able to do things by themselves.  Knowledge of the important skills like getting  basic services done without going for third party or an agent is important.

  A special emphasis is also given to deal with issues on Developing Leadership and Personal Management.

The objective of this academy  organized at the ICSA- Paripurna Centre at Chennai by its Dr. A.K. Tharien Chair  is to study the Constitution and skills required for  selected services.  There will be both theoretical and Practical sessions such as understanding Constitution, personal management & leadership, how to file  RTI, / How to file PIL, and  knowledge of CrRPC.

We request you to send two persons (preferably one should be a woman) from your institution. We will be happy to meet the to and fro travel expenses by train (sleeper class only) besides their boarding and lodging at the centre.   We encourage communications through email.

Please fill in the enclosed applications and return it before 20th April  2017 addressed to :

The Dean, Dr.A.K.Tharien Chair for Reconciliation

Inter-Church Service Association - Paripurna Centre

Door # 2/513, Ambedkar Nagar, Manapakkam, Chennai - 600 125

 Telephone: 044-22523241 , +91-8147718060


Kindly Note: The Registration fee for each participant of this consultation is Rs. 500/-



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