6 . Forum for Theologians in Allied Ministries (FTAM)
Tuesday, Nov 29, 2016



Forum for Theologians in Allied Ministries ( FTAM)

 Inter Church Service Association – under the aegis of Dr. A.K. Tharien Chair for Reconciliation (Dr. A. K. Tharien Chair ) intends to facilitate the formation of a Forum for Theologians in Allied Ministries. It is a forum for those who underwent “full time theological training” in a recognized theological Institution and earned a degree in theology. Since theological graduates who are in pastoral ministry have ecclesiastical forums, one such platform may help theologians in allied ministries.


  1. Mission of God is one and ministries are many. Christian ministries are many which  demands a variety of ministerial leadership roles from theologians.
  2. As such, many theologically qualified persons are involved in God’s mission in more challenging fields with less financial security. They are involved in social action, social service, missionary work, missionary field administration, care giving, Bible translation, teaching, advocacy, ecumenical responsibilities and management of projects and institutions.
  3. The FTAM is a platform for such theologians to continue their theological engagement and equip them with technical skills and identify new forms of missional involvement.
  4.  The FTAM is aimed at sustaining spiritual edification among the theologians in various fields of mission.
  5. To  recognize of the theologians and their  ministries.
  6. The FTAM is expected to interact with theological institutions on a mutually beneficial way.


  1. To bring together theologically qualified persons who are otherwise not part of a Church as ordained ministers.    
  2.  Offer a platform for  sharing views and to provide support
  3. Other possible assistance in   career guidance


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